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We’re Covid Safe

From the very beginning, our team knew it was imperative to be as safe, and therefore clean, as possible.

Here are the steps we are and have been taking to ensure everyone in our team and community is healthy and happy:

Adopting best practice

· The most essential thing we have been doing is keeping up-to-date with the government’s regulations, advice and training.

We have done our Covid Safe training and have inducted our whole team on the best practice principles, and have kept them fresh in our minds with laminated guides displayed in our workplaces.

· Every day, we make sure we check for any guideline updates and make sure we are always on top of what is required of us.

Social Distancing

· We have removed all seating from our café

· We use visuals on the floor to indicate where and how people should stand when waiting to be served, or being served.

· We have installed a splash guard at the register as an additional line of defence to prevent anything from being transmitted during a purchase.

· We have redesigned the kitchen space, and removed any obstacles that would have made it difficult for staff to socially distance while on-shift.

· We have two tables at the back of our café designated for administrative tasks that allow multiple staff members to work while being socially distanced.

Contactless Delivery

· Our delivery drivers’ cars are decked out with hand sanitiser, disposable glove, and a rubbish bin at all times to ensure your deliveries are as clean as possible!

· Our delivery drivers, where possible, will notify you when your delivery has arrived on your doorstep via phone call or text message, as opposed to ringing a doorbell or knocking.

· When our delivery drives have to knock or ring a doorbell, they do so either with freshly gloved hands, or sanitised hands, and sanitise their hands immediately after dropping off your delivery.

Cashless Payments

· Although not every customer is able to pay with eftpos, we do prefer and encourage cardless transactions

· Where possible, we encourage our customers to use our contactless app on WowApps, or our website, to place an order for pickup or delivery.

Routine Sanitising

· Alice Rebel’s is routinely sanitised with a aerosol spray, so whatever may have been touched by a curious customer is blitzed to sterilisation!

· Our staff members wash or sanitise their hands after literally everything – we’re surprised we’ve still got finger prints! After we use the register, if we start a new task, if we touch our face or hair, if we sneeze, the list goes on.

Staff Health

· Every day, we make sure that everyone on shift is feeling 100%. If anyone feels as though they have any symptoms, they are sent home to isolate and take a COVID-19 test.

· They only return once they have been given the ‘ok’ by a health professional, and they are feeling 100% again.

We are super proud of our team for being so switched on and motivated to keep our Alice Rebel’s community safe and healthy.

We thank every customer, delivery driver and supplier for working with us to keep our café a safe zone.

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